Day-O-Lite will remain sustainable long into the future through solutions for a sustainable environment, society, and economy!

Day-O-Lite Sustainability Report

Sustainable Environment:

  • Energy efficient LED and fluorescent product offerings
  • Safety committee and strict policies to guarantee a healthy and safe working environment
  • Extensive light control options
  • Focus on the eliminatation of waste in manufacturing process
  • Products are from 85% to 95% recyclable including packaging

Sustainable Society:

  • Products are UL and ETL approved
  • Products are free of conflict minerals
  • Use of RoHS compliant components 

Sustainable Economy:

  • Products are Buy American compliant 
  • Made In USA brand
  • Purchasing of materials from regional suppliers
  • Support for charities and other upstanding foundations 

Sustainability Goals:

  • Employee community engagement
  • Increase in DLC (Designlight Consortium) certified products
  • Continually update Day-O-Lite Code of Ethics
  • Develop supplier guidelines for transparency 
  • Continuous reports of sustainability achievements and goals
  • Zero net energy and waste