LED smart lighting offers more than just energy savings and longevity. Today’s commercial lighting LED luminaires are capable of incorporating sophisticated controls, sensors, color tuning, optics and emergency technology for Smart Lighting performance. As an independent manufacturer Day-O-Lite offers a wide range of ever-changing technologies for virtually every application. From dimming to daylight harvesting, color tuning to occupancy sensing we are proud to partner with many of the finest OEM technology suppliers in the industry.

LED Modules & Drivers

Suppliers of LED modules in 27/30/35/40/50K CCT, 80/90CRI, 3SCDM color quality with minimum L70 of 50,000 hours. Programmable constant current 0-10V drivers to 1%, step-dimming drivers to 5%, and specialty drivers for DALI, DMX and EcoSystem to 1% or less.


Suppliers of fixture-integral occupancy, vacancy, daylight harvesting and temperature sensors compatible with Sensor Ready (SR) drivers. Wirelessly control fixtures, create simple room-level luminaire groups or whole-building networked control.

Tunable White & Color

Suppliers of 2-channel and 3-channel tunable white, and 5-channel tunable color for any human-centric application. 0-10V, DALI, DMX, DLM and EcoSytem control to 1% or less. Multiple CCT ranges from 1650K to 8000K, 92CRI and 2SDCM color accuracy mimics natural daylight.


Manufacturers of LED optimized acrylic and polycarbonate sheet lenses and extruded specialty optics. These materials have maximum efficiency with high diffusion for the best combination of luminaire efficacy and visual comfort.


Suppliers of fixture-integral emergency battery packs (4W, 5W, 7W, 10W and 12W) to meet life safety requirements for emergency fixtures when used in an emergency capacity. Generator transfer devices and low-voltage switching controls for healthcare lighting.